Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life on the Edge

I watched a show last night on a subject that has impacted my life for quite some time: Mental Illness. The show was titled: "Minds on the Edge". It can be seen on PBS stations or at their website: devoted to the subject.

I have "suffered" with debilitating anxiety and depression my entire life. My daughter was diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder nine years ago. The stigma of mental illness contributes to keeping me down and isolated. Fear for my daughter's pain from stigma is what has kept me quiet.

The slogan of the Minds on the Edge campaign is "If we can talk about mental illness, so can you". And so I have finally decided to. I am beginning by asking all who read this to watch the "Minds on the Edge" video. It's only an hour, but it clearly and easily explains so many of the horrid issues that folks with mental illness face and the deterrents to getting well that the "systems" of our country continue to operate from.

One major point that I would like to re-interate is that mental illness is an ILLNESS - a physical issue with the brain. There is much that needs to be done to enhance that understanding. Please begin to take part, and help save a huge population of our people who live life on the edge.

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