Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Second Coming of Christ

Sometimes I receive what I feel to be "inspired writings".  I haven't taken the time to explain my experiences with that fully here yet, but I will speak more of it in the future.  Yesterday morning the following came from me so quickly, with such ease, that I can only call it inspired.  I'll have more to say later.


The Second Coming of Christ

The time of the second coming of Christ is NOW. It doesn’t matter whether or not he is actually here in body. He IS and always has been with us in Spirit. This is the time in which people are taking to heart and mind the idea that if you will “draw neigh unto him, He will draw neigh unto you”. Now is the time of personal, direct communication with Jesus and those he sends as his messengers. These are angels and guides who have always been with us but only a select few have encountered. From those miracle encounters come stories of Divine Intervention and subsequent guidance to living a positive and productive life in Joy.

The second coming of Christ is the realization and the experience that having the Divine in our lives is not reserved for a “select few” but is and always has been the greatest desire of Jesus’ heart. It is the purpose of the “Holy Spirit” of which Jesus spoke, and is available to us all.

Jesus was a man who became The Christ through the Holy Spirit that exists within him. As the man/messenger to us all, he came to teach us that we are never separate from God – the aspects of the Divine that create our world and our lives. The building up of the holy forces within any person is only a matter of choice. It has never been a matter of whether or not they exist.

You do not have to live your life tossed by the wind and the storms, fearful of the next violent encounter that “fate” sends your way. You are not alone in this world, subject to the whims of some malevolent invisible force that delights in your misfortunes.

Indeed, it is just the opposite. The Divine, holy Force that creates our Universe does so with Love. As aspects of the Divine Force, we are given the greatest of gifts – the ability to also create through our own free will. Exactly “what” we create is our choice. We can co-create through the guidance of love, seeking always the highest and best that we can do – or we can make a world of seeming random circumstance, built from the belief that the Divine does not exist or play a part in our lives.

A truth of the Universe is this: that which you believe, you create.


IMHO, regardless of how you view "God" or what ideology you follow, (even if you think you follow NO ideology) the question becomes:  Does what I choose serve the highest that is in me, not only for myself but also for others - our world?