Friday, January 4, 2013

Taken Care Of

So, this morning my angels gave me "Silent Night".   My mornings take a couple hours for me to waken from my stupor and begin the day.  Often when I wake the strains of some song are playing through my mind.  I've learned to let them play, while I wait to receive the message that they are meant to impart.

The last week contained some very difficult circumstances for me, of which I shared a big part of the result.  With that comes the struggle to understand, to continue to believe in ourselves, wonder if we did the 'right thing', and wonder what the 'right thing' is.

So the quiet strains of "Silent Night"... all is calm, all is bright... were a welcome relief as I sat with my coffee, looking at Facebook, answering and posting, and playing my games.  They played on through to the second verse:  Son of God loves pure light.  Radiance beams from thy Holy face... with the dawn of redeeming grace....

I listened and wondered:  who is sending me this? yet was content to feel the comfort it brought.

Eventually I got up, washed my face and started last night's dishes.  Household chores can become meditation times, and doing dishes is such for me.  As I washed and rinsed, hot water and bubbles, coffee cups and silverware placed in the strainer... along with the song came the image...

Standing beside my Aunt Ruby, a fine, classic lady of poise and grace; in the little Baptist Church of my childhood; singing that second verse with such reverence and heartfelt belief in the Christ and his love.... Radiance beams from thy Holy face... with the dawn of redeeming grace....Jesus, Lord at thy birth....

And I felt her presence.  And I saw her smiling face.  And I felt the message that she came to give..... redeeming grace.... 'you are innocent, you are without sin in this matter,  let the pain and hurt go, move past it quickly.  You are simply loved; because of His redeeming grace'.

All is Taken Care Of, for you and those you love, All is Well. 

As my body shook a fountain of tears gave release.  And so I share with you the love that sees us through and helps us move on to believe that the next bright moment is yet to come.