Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I AM So Blessed

This morning I pulled out my bag of journals, hoping to find and connect with the moments that Spirit spoke with me, brought me Peace and filled me with love and joy.  I haven't given up the thought of pulling some of the most inspiring together to make a book to share with others.

As I looked through the journals I found also the odd pieces of paper with a scribbled note, a song lyric, or long conversations - my fear thoughts, my inspired thoughts, the gifts of love and confirmation from Spirit.

I also found a card from Bethany, this amazing daughter given to me, so beautiful on the outside and beyond beautiful on the inside.  Beth sent me the card during a time of difficulty for our entire family.  It seemed that each one of us - Frank and I, Patrick, Neil, and Beth - were each struggling with issues that threatened our happiness and our 'life'.

Knowing that I sometimes come close to drowning in the fear and burden of worry for my loved ones, Beth wrote inside the card:

Mom,  Thank you for your love and understanding.  I hope there are happy endings for everyone - but if not - I hope we learn our lessons well and transcend all boundaries and holds formed by fear.  It's all in the love we give today.  I am grateful that you are in my life.  I love you.     Beth

I found the joy I was looking for this morning.  I AM So Blessed. 

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