Friday, November 20, 2009

"Today I Met God"

Today I thought I would give you a post that is uplifting and inspiring. "Today I met God." was spoken by four year old Akiane to her mother one morning. Have you heard of Akaine? I hadn't, until a short while ago. I may be behind. Akaine, now a young lady in her twenties, has had many television appearances, including on Oprah and has been featured in magazines such as Time.

Since that day that 4 year old Akiane began telling her family of her visits with God and his angels, she also began drawing and writing poetry in a manner considered genius. By age eight has had done full oil paintings of the "Prince of Peace" (as she called the canvas), landscapes, a self-portrait, and true to life images of animals. By age ten some of her paintings had sold for over $100,000.

In the early years Akiane's family practiced no religion and there were hardships of illness and financial difficulties. Her mother was surprised that she even knew of the word "God" when she spoke at four. Eventually Akiane's deep seated belief and faith and the tremendous talent that seemed to spring from it convinced the family to embrace a faith of their own.

Now Akiane's works support the family. But of course, it is not about the money. Akiane wishes to share a message with the world. "I want my art to draw people's attention to God."

I do not have enough poetry within me to express the essence of these paintings. After seeing a documentary about Akiane and witnessing the art, I immediately searched the internet for her website. If the heavens were to drop the blessing of money upon me, I would immediately purchase a print of her "Prince of Peace"; it so deeply affected me. But the price of even a print is $800... out of my reach.

Needing to have something tangible from this lovely girl, I searched and found a hardcover copy of the book "Akiane, her life, her art, her poetry". Now when I need to be uplifted I spend some time with its glossy images of her paintings and the quiet certainty of her poetry.

I invite you to visit her website at I hope you will find yourself refreshed, renewed, and ready to carry on again when you have the need, as I have.

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PJ said...

oh my, i clicked on the link and wow! i don't even know what to say. what an incredible soul that young girl is. amazing! thanks for posting this. hugz!