Friday, December 4, 2009

A momentum is Building!

Dear Friends,

Today I finally remembered to address the problem that was preventing me from posting my story on the Bring Change 2 Mind website. Emily from that site was a wonderful help, and I was able to post my story.

This evening I went back to see if there were any comments that I should respond to. While there I read some of the other stories of consumers, friends, and family with mental health issues. The stories tore at my heart, especially those that detailed the suffering in silence and isolation that so many have gone through (and continue to go through) because of our ignorance and fear.

Tonight I ask you once again, if you can spare just a few moments, to please visit the story page at Bring Change 2 Mind and read a few. Perhaps then you will have a better understanding of why we need you.

A momentum is building. Through the efforts of Bring Change 2 Mind and Minds on the Edge those with mental health issues are coming out, and finding their voice. We are picking up the byline of Minds on the Edge that says: "If we can talk about mental illness, so can you".

And we are. The Facebook pages of these two organizations are having continual traffic. Last week the "Minds" page posted that they are in the top 7.5% of fanpages on Facebook, the Number 2 FB gathering place. The Bring Change 2 Mind Facebook page includes a very active discussion tab where people are coming together, answering questions, providing support and resources. That is great news.

However I've been concerned that much of the traffic is coming from mental health consumers and those close to them. It is really important that the word be spread to the general public and that the general public come to understand and begin to take part in helping us address the issues.

The conversation is moving forward. Today both Bring Change 2 Mind and Minds on the Edge posted links on their FB pages to news stories and blogs that are engaging large segments of the country. Please check them out: Stew Friedman's blogpost addressing the business community and how they can help change attitudes and practices in the workplace; and the Clutter Museum's blogpost regarding Elyn Saks (a law professor and panelist on "Minds" video) and how her recent post to academia is seeing a whirlwind of email links activity. The comments on the Clutter Museum page are especially interesting. Please be sure to take a look.

Whenever you can please join the conversation. Post on your Facebook or other Social Site pages, give people links to websites I've mentioned, or send them to my blog for access.

A momentum is building, our voices are coming out strong, and the silence being broken. Please lend your voice to help us push it ever forward, alleviating the fear, isolation, and stigma.

Thanks and Blessings,

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