Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

It's 6:40 AM.  I don't have much time.  I'm headed for New Hampshire to share a Mother's Day meal with my Mom and Dad.  A three hour trip, and it's SNOWING!  May 9th... only in Vermont!  Gotta love it....

I haven't seen Mom in two years.  Very strange.  Her love is unconditional.  Always has been.  I was the one that broke the bond, created the "issue".

It's time... way beyond the time... to let it go.  

Sometimes it seems life brings troubles TO us, that other people and circumstances are the reason.  That's an easy out to justify the pain associated with any crisis.  

In learning to recognize my responsibility in all life has brought me, I came to understand that WE determine our life.  We are in control, charting the course, and steering the ship.  That includes everything that "comes our way".

For the longest while, that just meant moving the blame from "them" to ME.  Didn't feel any better.  Often felt worse.  Life in hell as a nightmare continued.

Then I decided to return to Who I've always been, What I've always believed, and to honor my life's path by including What I've learned along the way.

I've learned that:  What we focus on, we become.  

A review of the painful areas of my life and the resulting depression, despondency and hardships certainly proves that to me.  
Another lesson learned along the way:  Regardless of the circumstance or how it comes to you, it is always your perception and thought that determines its value.  You place the "good" or "bad" aspects, you decide what you will "hold on to", what you will embrace as the outcome.

I've given up focusing on hell.  Sure, it's still a journey.  But the good news is:  Life is not static.  It's constantly changing.  Thank the Good Lord for that!  The "hell" of this moment can and WILL be replaced by Heaven on Earth, if you make the decision to ask for it.  

There is Good in everything.  All That Is is always working towards the Good.  My decision is to embrace the fact that I do believe that, to seek assistance and Guidance from within and beyond, and to create a new expectation of the Joy of Life.

When that is what I focus on, the proof of that outcome has also always been revealed to me.

It's all about the Love, babyfor myself and the woman who bore me.  Today I go to share in that Love once again and offer it in return.  Nothing else matters.

Gloria Mae Moulton Hanchett taught me that, many many years ago.

Thank you Mom, for Who you've always been.  I love you beyond what you'll ever know.

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