Saturday, September 15, 2012


The extremity of hurt teaches us that this is something we do not want to do.

Whether it is placing our hand on a hot stove or speaking unkind words, the result of those actions can be very unpleasant.

The Universe is not mean.  God is not unkind, but loving.  However sometimes the Universe sends us what appears to be drastic and dramatic situations that hurt deeply - at times necessary to get our attention.

When we have gone on in the same way for a long time with unhappy results, yet we can't seem to see 'why', you can be sure the Universe will send you a person or situation that will show you why.  The dramatic pain & hurt may make us surrender to the quiet and introspection - to asking and receiving a loving answer.

It is our human ego that creates this drama and pain - and it is our human ego that we need to get out of the way to receive an answer.

Friends and others can try to give gentle guidance.  The apparent perpetrator of the hurt - be it stove or person - can seem to be giving harsh pain and criticism.

But in the end, when we seek the answer in the Silence we will find comfort and reassurance that all is well - even perhaps that this was a gift.  The people that we encounter in these situations are often a mirror to ourselves.  The shortcomings we see in them may be a place we need to look at within ourselves - gently, yes, but with an eye towards realizing the part we played and how perhaps we can do differently, perhaps better the next time.  We can be thankful for all involved - that perhaps this time the person and situation gave us a new understanding - a new means to go forward.

The Universe will always remind us that Love is the way - that anything other than Love does not serve us or those we encounter.  Yet we are free - to continue in the same cycles of hurt and pain - and the Universe will always be there to support us - until we decide to embrace a different manner that leads to a different outcome. 

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