Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Beginnings

After last night's entry I am convinced of two things:  It is time for me to begin writing in my blog again and....
It is time to count my blessings.

First and foremost is the blessing that I have my husband with me again.  The three years that we had to live apart because of his work were very painful for me.  Some of that is detailed in prior entries here.  He is the love of my life.  He is my life, and I am thankful every day that I can physically touch him, hold him, and have him beside me.

(Ouch!  The voices - I'm hearing a prior counselor's sarcastic comment referring to  my "little life".)  Yes, my life is little perhaps compared to many others - but it is those comparisons that have kept me in pain.  And it is the recognition of the things that really matter that has drawn me from it.

So the little things that matter are my blessings - and what I write about here.

Another blessing is that my two sons live with us now.  The difficult economic times have made it necessary, like I guess it has become necessary for many others also.  To have them about me, as grown men, watch them in their maturity, and listen to them as another adult whose opinion I value warms my heart.

And my darling daughter, my Bethany.  Bethany has lived away from me for over a year now - a milestone she herself commented on just a short while ago.  Bethany has a debilitating illness that has in the past made her quite dependent upon me.  That she has found the strength and determination - has worked so hard every day - to make a life for herself, by herself, is nothing short of a miracle.  I am so proud of my lovely girl (now a lady) that is making her own way, regardless of the difficulties.  That she has a partner, the excellent health care resources of Vermont, and a close, caring friend that help her walk the day to day, I give thanks for every day.

I give thanks that the Universe returned me to New Hampshire in time to be here for my mother this past winter.  Beginning New Year's Eve she had a series of life threatening occurrences happen, one after another, that required my being with her and for her throughout the seven months that it took for her to recover.  Though it took her level of health and independence down a few notches, today she was able to drive her own car to my home to spend some time with us.  That time is precious now - as we fumble through all that means - for today and the future.

I give thanks, to feel the blessing of the psychic forces around me.  This is a time to acknowledge their being and the comfort of their presence in my life - guiding, protecting, loving, and instilling confidence - that all is well.

And Life is a Blessing.

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